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Fulfill your Global Language requirement through level 3 by studying one of six languages offered in the Department of Germanic & Slavic Languages & Literatures. In this world there are: 157 million Russian speakers, 130 million German speakers, 40 million Polish speakers, 23 million Dutch speakers, 20 million BCS speakers and over 10 million Czech speakers. Which one will you learn?

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GSLL offers a wide array of innovative courses in literature, linguistics, film, culture and theory spanning the Viking Age to the Digital Age. With its five different undergraduate majors, three minors, as well as the Carolina-Duke Graduate Program in German Studies, GSLL is a vibrant community of students and scholars devoted to studying, teaching, and researching the riches of Balkan, Czech, German, Hungarian, Polish, and Russian cultures. Declaring one of GSLL’s B.A. degrees as your second major tells future employers that you’re a well-balanced student, someone who’s complimented their scientific and technical know-how with extensive language, communication and culture training.

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What’s Happening in GSLL

Old Well in springtime

Officially certified in Business German!

GSLL German majors and minors who were enrolled in GERM 305 – Business German II this spring semester with Dr. Sophia Strietholt have officially been certified as highly proficient in…

Congratulations to Dr. Strietholt and her team for hosting German Day 2024!

For the first time in many years, GSLL hosted German Day, North Carolina’s annual contest for middle school and high school learners of German. Over 400 students from K-12 schools…

Dr. Langston Holds 2023 Zurich Distinguished Lecture

Professor Langston will hold the 2023 Zurich Distinguished Lecture on the Art of Interpretation. Entitled “Sex and Sociability: Queer Poetics in the Crisis Years of the 80s,” Dr. Langston’s lecture…
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