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Why study our languages?

Learn just some of the many reasons why learning a Germanic language, a Slavic language, or Hungarian can make a difference in your education.

Foreign Language Placement Exams

Incoming undergraduates with prior experience in a GSLL language must be placed into the appropriate level of instruction prior to enrolling in a foreign language course. Learn more about UNC’s language placement procedures.

Current Courses

Explore GSLL’s current courses.

Upcoming Courses

View upcoming GSLL courses if available.

Past Courses

GSLL’s archive of past courses.

Independent Readings

GSLL encourages talented and motivated undergraduates to develop a semester-long course of study with a faculty member on a specific topic. Learn more about how to create a self-designed course.

Business German / Internships

One of the five components of the undergraduate Making Connections curriculum, Experiential Learning can be satisfied in through GSLL’s new internship program, AmCham, linked to GSLL’s Business German courses. Learn more about Business German, the WiDaf exam, and the internship program.

Honors Theses

GSLL seniors passionate about their field of study have the option of writing a senior thesis and graduating with honors. Learn more about writing an honors thesis.

Undergraduate Bulletin

See the Undergraduate Bulletin for detailed information about the Department of Germanic and Slavic Languages and Literatures, its degrees, and its courses.

Study Abroad

UNC offers a broad portfolio of opportunities for students interested in studying abroad in Central Europe, Eastern Europe, and Russia.

Visegrad Studies

Check out the new program of study launched by the Center for Slavic, Eurasian and East European Studies.