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Some language classes offered by GSLL require students to engage in cultural events several times a semester. This requirement provides students with speaking opportunities as well as experience with customs and culture otherwise not possible in the foreign language classroom. Attendance at cultural events is a part of final grades in select GSLL courses.

Currently, only GSLL’s German Program requires students to participate in extra-curricular cultural activities. There are currently four kinds of culture events that students can attend, for which they can receive credit. They include:

  1. Kaffeestunde. Coffee hour is a part of everyday life in German-speaking Europe. It’s when friends, family and coworkers meet to drink coffee (or tea), eat cake or cookies and share stories. Kaffeestunde takes place in GSLL’s Reading Room (Dey 413) on Wednesdays from 1 to 2:30 pm. Coffee and tea along with baked goods will be provided. To receive credit for Kaffeestunde,
  2. Filmabend. Movies are a great way to see a culture in action. There are two official film screenings scheduled per semester. Films will be shown in German with English subtitles.
  3. Vorlesung. Academic lectures on German, Austrian or Swiss related topics take place regularly throughout the semester. They are organized by GSLL, the North Carolina German Studies Seminar in the Center for European Studies. These lectures provide students with thoughtful
  4. Other miscellaneous events. Other departments at UNC-Chapel Hill may offer events throughout with German-related material. These may include: music concerts, art exhibitions, theatrical performances, UNC’s GermanClub events, etc. Be sure to discuss with your instructor beforehand whether a specific event is eligible for credit.

Dates and times for all extra-curricular events will be announced in class, on Sakai, on this webpage and on the Events page of the GSLL website.

In order to receive credit for attending a cultural event, students must use their smartphones to scan unique QR codes available only at the event, which generate a generic emails that validate a student’s arrival and departure. Course instructors will provide students with additional information on how to receive credit for attending these qualifying events, especially those miscellaneous events outlined above.

Please note: Only some of the cultural events approved for culture points may also be counted as Campus Life Experience events. Weekly recurring events like coffee hour are not eligible for CLE credit. Check the CLE calendar to check whether a lecture, film or concert is also an approved CLE event.

Two additional culture points beyond the required three will count towards extra credit. You can receive up to 1% added to your final grade by attending two events beyond the required three, 0.5% for each.