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Choosing a major with an eye to the job market often prioritizes degrees in the natural and social sciences and with good reason. That’s where the money is! But look below at how GSLL’s ambitious double majors have incorporated their love of Russian, German, Polish and Czech into their career goals:

Indeed, employers are hardly indifferent to the humanities. Carolina’s bachelor of arts degrees in German, Slavic, and Central European Studies ensure that their majors are careful readers, superior communicators, critical thinkers, and accomplished ambassadors of cultural difference. In our shrinking globalized world, GSLL majors have what it takes to build meaningful bridges across disciplines, borders, languages, and cultures.

Declaring one of GSLL’s B.A. degrees as your second major tells future employers that you’re a well-balanced student, someone who’s complimented their scientific and technical know-how with extensive language, communication and culture training. A GSLL double major can compliment nearly everything you can do elsewhere at Carolina, but don’t take our word for it. The ten students represented here are just a cross section of how academically diverse GSLL’s double majors are. Their first majors include: Biology; Biomedical Engineering; Chemistry; Global Studies; Mathematics, Music; Peace, War, and Defense; and Psychology.

Turning your GSLL minor into a major might seem at first like a tall task. GSLL’s interdisciplinary majors allow, however, for maximum flexibility and have often allowed students to count courses taken in other departments toward the second major. Consider, for example, the ways a German minor can be upgraded to an interdisciplinary German MAC major:

Why settle for a minor when you can have a major? 

For more information about how to strategize your career goals together with one of GSLL’s three majors, contact the GSLL director of undergraduate studies.