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Russian: a critical language for national security

The US Department of State designates Russian as one of the languages critical for US national security. An essential part of the Department of Germanic and Slavic Languages and Literatures, the Russian Program offers a full-service undergraduate curriculum in Russian language, literature, and culture. The UNC Russian Program is now home to the Undergraduate Russian Flagship Program. For more information, please contact Stanislav Shvabrin at At UNC you will find Russian-language courses of all levels from elementary to advanced. Whether you are an undergraduate student fascinated by foreign languages, ROTC cadet looking to acquire a unique intellectual skill for your service to your country, or a graduate student engaged in research, the UNC Russian Program has a carefully designed program to meet your needs. Our Russian-language courses emphasize communication and self-expression. Authentic cultural materials including film and music help you to reach your learning goals under the guidance of experienced and dedicated instructors. Courses on literature, film, and culture will engage you in the study of the Russian civilization in all its vibrancy and complexity. The Russian Program is a lively community of learners of all walks of campus life. We run an informal academic-year-long Russian language get-together Popoika, relax in the company of Russian poets under the aegis of the Maiakovskii Club, organize events, movie screenings, and lectures. See below for the degrees that we offer, our faculty, and also watch video testimonies from our graduates.

Degrees, Majors and Minors

A. The Major: B.A. in Russian Language and Culture

The concentration in Russian literature and culture provides a rich program of courses tailored to majors and double-majors who wish to become culturally and linguistically fluent in Russian.

Core Requirements

RUSS 409, 410, 415, 445, 455
Four additional courses selected from the Russian language and literature/culture courses offered by the department.

Students who participate in an approved study abroad program in Russia can earn some of the credit for this minor during their overseas stay.

B. The Minor in Russian Culture

The Russian minor requires a minimum of five courses in any aspect of Russian language, literature, or culture. The first two semesters of Russian (i.e., RUSS 101/102) may not be counted toward this minor.

Students who participate in an approved study abroad program in Russia can earn some of the credit for this minor during their overseas stay.


Stanislav Shvabrin
Program Director
Associate Professor of Russian
Director, UNCRFP

Natalia Chernysheva
Teaching Assistant Professor
Lecturer, Assistant Director, UNCRFP

Radislav Lapushin
Associate Professor of Russian

Matthew McGarry
Teaching Assistant Professor

Eleonora Magomedova
Teaching Associate Professor of Russian

Irene Masing-Delić
Research Professor of Russian Literature
Professor Emerita, The Ohio State University

Kirill Tolpygo
Slavic and East European Studies Librarian

Daria Zhuravleva
Fulbright Language Teaching Assistant

Russian in Your Life and Career: Testimonies from UNC Russian Graduates