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Find out more about past and present undergraduate research in German and Slavic studies.

What is an Honors Thesis?

An honors thesis is an original research project conceived and executed by GSLL majors especially interested pursuing a specific problem rooted in the study of Germanic or Slavic languages, literatures, or cultures. Working in tandem with a GSLL faculty member of their choice over the course of their entire senior year, students submit their completed thesis of no less than forty pages at the end of their final semester prior to an oral defense with their advisor and a second GSLL faculty member. For examples of successful GSLL honors theses, visit the Carolina Digital Repository.

Who Writes An Honors Thesis?

  • Students who write GSLL honors theses typically enjoy writing research papers in their GSLL classes, excel when working independently, and feel passionate about developing an innovative research project based on a in-depth topic.
  • Students who write honors theses often do so as a preparation for an advanced degree in the humanities, social sciences, or other discipline rooted in critical thinking and communication to be pursued after completion of their Bachelor of Arts.


Students who wish to undertake a senior honors thesis project must have a cumulative GPA of 3.3 or higher and a GPA of 3.5 or higher in their GSLL major. Students must identify already in the spring semester of their junior year a research topic of potential promise and then secure a faculty advisor within the Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures with expertise in that field. Find the complete schedule of deadlines here.

Honors Thesis Handbook & Contract

Writing an honors thesis involves independence, drive, commitment, and timeliness. In order to assist students and their advisors with the the writing process, the Department maintains an official Handbook for Students Writing an Honors Thesis that should be consulted throughout the entire process. In addition to the handbook, students should be mindful that enrollment in honors thesis courses, 691H in the fall semester and 692H in the spring semester, is contingent on the submission of the department’s Honors Thesis Contract by the first day of classes.

Current Honors Theses, 2020-2021


Past Honors Theses

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