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This tool ensures your language study continues at the right level.

General Placement Policies

UNC requires that all undergraduates successfully study a foreign language through level 3. Some majors require students to study a foreign language through level 4 and beyond. Students with any prior experience with one of the languages offered by GSLL must be placed into the correct level of instruction before continuing their course of study of that language.

Students who enroll in a language course lower than the placement result shall not receive credit toward degree for that course. Students concerned with the result of their placement exam are strongly encouraged to speak with the faculty member responsible for language placement in that language.

Students should not enroll in language courses required for their degree, for which they have already received UNC placement credit.

Language Placement Website

See the Language Placement Website for current information on placement, offered courses, and more.

German Placement

New incoming students with previous knowledge of the language should take the online German placement exam prior to enrolling in a German-language course. This online test operates according to an adaptive algorithm programmed to access a students’ level of language proficiency. It may not be taken more than once. Only the first score will count for placement. Follow the link above to access the online German placement exam.

Placement in Other Languages

Placement in other languages taught by GSLL takes place in the form of an oral interview and/or individual test with a faculty member prior to the beginning of the semester. See the Language Placement website for more information.