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Design your own course of study

Students in the Department of Germanic & Slavic Languages & Literatures have the option of working closely with a faculty member on a special topic of their choosing over the course of an entire semester. An Independent Readings course is ideal for more advanced students with a developing research agenda who wish to write an honors thesis in their senior year or pursue graduate studies after graduation.

In order to enroll in an Independent Readings course, a student must secure a faculty advisor well before the semester begins and design a semester-long syllabus in consultation with that advisor. That syllabus along with a signed copy of the Independent Learning Contract must then be submitted to the Director of Undergraduate Studies for approval. GSLL staff enroll students into the appropriate Independent Readings courses (numbered 296, 396, or 496) during the first week of the semester, as long as their learning contracts are complete.

Not sure whether an Independent Readings course is right for you? Schedule an appointment with the Director of Undergraduate Studies!