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Because learning a foreign language isn’t always easy.

Explore the following links for getting ahead with your study of one of GSLL’s six languages.


Why study BCS, Czech, Dutch, German, Polish or Russian?

Foreign languages are essential in our increasingly globalized world. For some, why studying one of GSLL’s languages doesn’t need justification. For others, a little justification is necessary. Still not sure one of GSLL’s languages is right for you? Check out these presentations why GSLL’s corner of the world can make a big a difference in your education and career pursuits.

Why Study a GSLL Language?


Language Placement Exams

Are you new to Carolina? Do you have prior experience studying a foreign language? Are you returning from a semester or year abroad and not sure where you should jump back in to GSLL’s language courses? Take the online language placement exam in order to assess where best you can continue your foreign language study.

Placement Exam


German Grammar Videos

Learning grammar is never easy. In addition to the course materials assigned in GSLL’s German courses, there are tons of online resources that help explain how German grammar works. These videos show you how some of the most essential grammatical features of the language work.

German Grammar Videos