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Prof. Lapushin published Rosa na trave: Slovo u Chekhova [Dew on the Grass: The Word in Chekhov] in the series Contemporary Western Rusistika (Boston/Saint-Petersburg: Academic Study Press, 2021). The book is a revised and extended version of his monograph “Dew on the Grass”: The Poetics of Inbetweenness in Chekhov, translated by the author. He also published a book chapter “In search of the ‘true’ Chekhov: Approaches and appropriations” that traces the dynamism of Chekhov’s image as reflected through his Russian-language biographies of different periods, from Stalinist to post-Soviet (Literary Biographies in the Lives of Remarkable People Series in Russia. Biography for the Masses, eds. Carol Ueland and Ludmilla Trigoc. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books, 2022, 169–88). Prof. Lapushin published an essay “Prevozmogaia poshlost’ i tosku: iz opyta prepodavaniia Chekhova v amerikanskom kolledzhe” [Overcoming vulgarity and ennui: Teaching Chekhov at an American College] that reflects on his experience of teaching Chekhov at Carolina (Chekhov: Teksty i Konteksty. Nasledie Chekhova v mirovoi kul’ture. Eds. A. A. Zhuravleva, V. B. Kataev et al. Moscow: Pero, 2021, 13–23). In May 2021, Prof. Lapushin presented a paper “‘Gloomy People’ from Cleveland: Chekhov in American independent cinema” at the Chekhov International Conference in Siena, Italy (via Zoom).

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