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Richard Langston Publishes New Book: Dark Matter: A Guide to Alexander Kluge and Oskar Negt

September 18, 2020

Richard Langston, Unravelling the Thought of Frankfurt School Theorists Alexander Kluge and Oskar Negt (Verso, 2020) Collaborators for more than four decades, lawyer, author, filmmaker, and multimedia artist Alexander Kluge and social philosopher Oskar Negt are an exceptional duo in the history …

Radical Diversity: Los Angeles – Pricilla Layne

September 11, 2020

Right-wing extremism, everyday racism and racialized microaggressions, and pressure to “assimilate” – all of these constructs affecting racialized minorities result from an inability and unwillingness to respect and appreciate the radical diversity that underscores our societies. Max Czollek (“De-integrate Yourselves”) … Read more