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Digital Dialectics

Rubenstein Library 249, Duke University

Professor Weatherby is one of the foremost experts and most creative thinkers in digital theory working in the field today; you can find his ground-breaking work—often exploring the intersection of Romanticism, German Idealism, theories of the digital and political economy—most … Read more

What is Multilingualism?

Rubenstein Library 249, Duke University

Join us for the fourth event in our what is... dialogue series! Monique Balbuena | University of Oregon Dominika Baran | Duke Lital Levy | Princeton Helen Solterer | Duke

Dr. Ela Gezen: Cultures in Migration: Turkish Artistic Practices in West Berlin

Rubenstein Library 249, Duke University

The mid-1970s and early 1980s witnessed the development of a very active Turkish art scene in West Berlin. Numerous cultural institutions were integral to this process, with the Kunstamt Kreuzberg, the Türkischer Akademiker- und Künstlerverein and the Deutsch-Türkische Gesellschaft playing … Read more