Gabriel Trop
Associate Professor of German


Ph.D., German and Medieval Studies, University of California at Berkeley
18th-Century Studies; Poetry and Poetics; Romanticism; Philosophy and Aesthetics

Intellectual Biography & Awards

My research interests tend to focus on the relationship between poetic practices and aesthetic discourses, both broadly conceived. My general scholarly activity within this broader framework is rather comparative; in both my teaching and research, I have engaged with texts from Ancient Greece, Roman Antiquity, the Middle Ages (mainly Middle High German), and German and French literature and philosophy from the eighteenth century to the twentieth century. I am particularly interested in literature and art as imaginative practices of selfhood, and am currently working on a project that investigates the relation between poetry and the philosophy of nature (Naturphilosophie) in German Idealism.

Recent Publications

“Goethe’s Faust and the Absolute of Naturphilosophie.” Under review at Germanic Review.

“Affirmative Disequilibrium: Hogarth, Schiller, Schelling, and Goethe.” Forthcoming in Germanic Review.

“Absolute Signification and Ontological Inconsistency in E.T.A. Hoffmann’s Der Sandmann.” Forthcoming in the Goethe Yearbook.

“The Fable as Aesthetic Exercise: Lessing’s Philosophy of Poetic Form.” Lessing Yearbook XLIII:2016. 55-76.

“The Aesthetics of Schelling’s Naturphilosophie.” Symposium 19.1: Spring 2015. 140-153.

Poetry as a Way of Life: Aesthetics and Askesis in the German Eighteenth Century. Evanston: Northwestern UP, 2015

Frequently Taught Courses

  • GERM 68: Intensity, Vitality, Ecstasy
  • GERM 281: Freedom and Terror
  • GERM 301: Conversation and Composition
  • GERM 303: Introduction to German Literature
  • GERM 370: German Intellectual History

Dr. Trop’s Upcoming Course Offerings

Undergraduate and Graduate Advising and Mentoring

Honors Theses:

  • Alexandra Talbert (Honors, 2015)
  • Gregory Smith (Highest Honors, 2012)

Ph.D. Dissertation Advising:

  • John Gill (in progress)
  • Martin Dawson (in progress)

Independent Studies in German Romanticism and Continental Philosophy.

Additional Information

For more about Dr. Trop, see his Curriculum Vitae.