Meet our Faculty

Ruth von Bernuth
Ruth von BernuthSeymour & Carol Levin Distinguished Term Professor; Director of Carolina Center for Jewish Studies
PhD., Medieval and Early Modern German Literature, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
437 Dey Hall

Natalia Chernysheva
Natalia ChernyshevaTeaching Assistant Professor

Irene Delic
Irene DelicResearch Professor of Russian Literature; Editor of Slavic and East European Journal

Eric Downing
Eric DowningProfessor of German; Professor of English and Comparative Literature; Adjunct Professor of Classics; Interim Chair
Ph.D., Comparative Literature, University of California at Berkeley
18th to 20th Century Narrative Fiction; Literary Theory; Realism, Aestheticism, Modernism; Ancient-modern Relations
436 Dey Hall

Kyung Lee Gagum
Kyung Lee GagumTeaching Assistant Professor in German
Ph.D., Transcultural German Studies, University of Arizona
19th to 21st Century German Literature and Culture, Asian-German Studies, Visual Culture Studies, Film Studies, Gender Studies, and Comic Studies.
430 Dey Hall

Clayton Koelb
Clayton KoelbGuy B. Johnson Distinguished Professor of German; Professor of English and Comparative Literature
Ph.D., Comparative Literature, Harvard University
Modern Literature (Thomas Mann, Franz Kafka); Literary Theory; History of Criticism; Philosophy & Aesthetics.
312A Dey Hall

Richard Langston
Richard LangstonProfessor of German
Ph.D., Germanic Languages and Literatures, Washington University in St. Louis
Twentieth and Twenty-First Century Literature, Modernism & Avant-Garde Studies, Critical Theory, Film & Media Studies
442 Dey Hall

Radislav Lapushin
Radislav LapushinAssociate Professor of Russian Literature
Ph.D., Slavic Languages and Literatures, University of Chicago
Chekhov, Poetry of Russian Prose  (19th century to the present), Russian Literature on Stage and Screen, Soviet poetry
422 Dey Hall

Priscilla Layne
Priscilla LayneAssociate Professor of German; Adjunct Associate Professor of African and Afro-American Studies
Ph.D., German Studies, University of California at Berkeley
Twentieth- and Twenty-First-Century Literature, Film and Music, (Post)Subculture Studies, Multiculturalism, Afro-German History and Culture, and Gender Studies
424 Dey Hall

Eleonora Magomedova
Eleonora MagomedovaTeaching Associate Professor in Russian Language and Conversation; Director of Russian Language Instruction and Conversation
Ph.D., Slavic Languages and Literatures, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
416 Dey Hall

Hana Pichova
Hana PichovaProfessor of Czech Language and Literature; Advisor for Slavic; Director of Undergraduate Studies
Ph.D., Slavic Languages and Literatures, University of Wisconsin, Madison
20th-Century Czech and Russian Prose
418 Dey Hall

David Pike
David PikeProfessor of German
Ph.D., Germanic Languages and Literatures, Stanford University
20th Century Literature, East German & Soviet Culture & Politics
434 Dey Hall

Inga Pollmann
Inga PollmannAssociate Professor of German; Adjunct Faculty, Comparative Literature
Ph.D., Cinema and Media Studies, University of Chicago
Film and Media Theory and History, Early Cinema, German Cinema, Film and Science, Aesthetic and Critical Theory
420 Dey Hall

Aleksandra Prica
Aleksandra PricaAssistant Professor of German Literature
Ph.D., Medieval German Literature, University of Zurich
Medieval and Early Modern German Literature and Culture, Media Studies, Literature and the Bible; Literature and Knowledge, Poetology and Hermeneutics, Historical Processes, Aesthetics of Form
432 Dey Hall

Paul Roberge
Paul RobergeProfessor of Germanic Languages, Joint Professor of Linguistics, Chair, Department of Linguistics
Ph.D., Linguistics, University of Michigan
Historical Linguistics, Older Germanic Dialects (esp. Gothic, Old High German, Old Saxon, Old Norse), Comparative Germanic Grammar, Afrikaans, Pidgins & Creoles, Sociolinguistics, Origin and Evolution of Human Language, South African literature
441 Dey Hall and 109 Smith Building

Claire Scott
Claire ScottTeaching Assistant Professor
Ph.D, German Studies, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Duke University
20th and 21st Century Literature, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Film Studies, Narrative Theory
421 Dey Hall

Stanislav Shvabrin
Stanislav ShvabrinAssistant Professor of Russian, Russian Program Director
Ph.D., Slavic Languages and Literatures, The University of California, Los Angeles
Comparative Literary Studies, Literature and Culture of Russian Diasporas, Soviet “Internal Emigration”, Poetry and Poetics, Intertextuality, Translation Studies, Poetics and Politics of National Memory
423 Dey Hall

Dan Thornton
Dan ThorntonAdjunct Assistant Professor of Dutch
Ph.D., Germanic Languages and Literatures, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Dutch Language and Literature; Netherlandic Society and Culture, Postwar German and Austrian Literature, Expressionism, Neue Sachlichkeit, Holocaust Studies, Jewish Literature in the Diaspora
211 Pettigrew Hall

Gabriel Trop
Gabriel TropAssociate Professor of German; Director of Graduate Studies and Graduate German Advisor
Ph.D., German and Medieval Studies, University of California at Berkeley
18th-Century Studies; Poetry and Poetics; Romanticism; Philosophy and Aesthetics
439 Dey Hall

Christina Wegel
Christina WegelTeaching Associate Professor in German
Ph.D., Germanic Languages, The University of California, Los Angeles
20th-Century Literature, Drama and Theater
414 Dey Hall

Christina M. Weiler
Christina M. WeilerTeaching Assistant Professor, Language Program Director
2017 Ph.D., Comparative Literature, Purdue University
18th- and 19th-Century Studies, Romanticism, Metaphor Studies, Environmental Studies