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Dear Students:
In anticipation of an event with guests from the Polish and German Embassies, we invite you to submit entries for a Poster Competition. Thirty years ago, linked but staggered events throughout Europe triggered the end of the socialist period. How can we commemorate this historical moment today?

We invite submissions:

Design a poster to commemorate the changes that took place thirty years ago in Eastern and Central Europe (including but not limited to: the Fall of the Berlin Wall, the first democratic elections in Eastern European countries, and the social movements that led to these events). We encourage you to seek out witnesses, participants, or other people personally impacted by these events across the campus community and beyond. Ask them about their experiences and include a quotation in your poster. Please find helpful tips on poster design at this link.

Winning entries will be displayed at the event (to take place on November 22 at 2:00pm in Toy Lounge) and their designers will be awarded prizes (including a piece of the original Berlin Wall!).


Please email all submissions and questions to
Deadline: Friday, November 15, at 5pm.

Fallen Walls and Human Chains, 1989 to Today: A Conversation with Urszula Horoszko and Niels von Redecker

Thirty years ago, the Berlin Wall fell. This one event was linked to so many others: an election in Poland, a dismantled electrified fence in Hungary, candlelit marches, and a human chain of people joining hands up and down the Baltic states. Today, the events of 1989 are too often recalled as standalone climaxes. To reconnect the threads of this shared yet scattered experience, please join us for a conversation with guests Urszula Horoszko and Niels von Redecker from the Polish and German Embassies in Washington, D.C.


Friday, November 22 in Toy Lounge

Bagel Reception at 2pm, Event at 2:30pm