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Roundtable: Fascism and Anti-Fascism in Global Perspective - Department of Germanic & Slavic Languages and Literatures

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Roundtable: Fascism and Anti-Fascism in Global Perspective

November 12, 2021 @ 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm


The electoral success of rightwing populist parties in major democracies has sparked an international discussion about the efficacy of “fascism” as an analytical framework. Do analogies with early and mid-twentieth century fascist movements and governments make sense today? What attributes, if any, do they share today and with historical fascism? To date, the German and Italian “models” have dominated the discussion about “strongmen” and authoritarianism. This roundtable takes a global perspective by posing these questions in relation to India, Brazil, Poland, and Germany.

Roundtable Participants:

KORNELIA KONCZAL I  Post-doctoral Researcher  I  Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, Institute of Eastern and South Eastern Studies: East Central Europe

Is a post-doctoral researcher at the Faculty of History and the Arts at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich. Her research interests include the social history of post-1945 Europe, the transnational history of the social sciences and humanities, as well as memory and heritage studies. She is currently preparing a book tited Politics of Plunder: Post-German Property and the Reconstruction of East Central Europe after the Second World War.

MELISSA TEIXEIRA  I  Assistant Professor  I   University of Pennsylvania, Department of History: Brazil

Is Assistant Professor of History at the University of Pennsylvania, where she teaches on Latin American and global history. Her first book, Remaking Capitalism in Twentieth-Century BrazilA Global History, examines Brazil’s interwar experiment with corporatism to explain the rise of the developmentalist state, and why it matters that this transformation was engineered under an authoritarian regime.

SHRUTI KAPILA  I  Lecturer  I  University of Cambridge, Corpus Christi College: India

Researches and teaches modern Indian history and global political thought and is University Lecturer the Faculty of History and Fellow and Director of Studies at Corpus Christi College at the University of Cambridge. Her publications include the edited volume s An Intellectual History for India (2010); and Political Thought in Action: Bhagavad Gita and Modern India (2013). Her new book Violent Fraternity: Indian Political Thought in the Global Age will be published by Princeton University Press in 2021.

A. DIRK MOSES  I   Frank Porter Graham Distinguished Professor of Global Human Rights History  I  UNC-Chapel Hill, Department of History: German Central Europe

Is the Frank Porter Graham Distinguished Professor of Global Human Rights History at the UNC Chapel Hill, Department of History. Before coming to Chapel Hill, Moses taught at the University of Sydney for twenty years and was Professor of Global and Colonial History at the European University Institute in Florence. His first monograph, German Intellectuals and the Nazi Past was published in 2007 and his second monograph, entitled The Problems of Genocide: Permanent Security and the Language of Transgression, will arrive in 2021.

Co-Conveners: UNC-Chapel Hill, Department of History; Center for European Studies; Carolina Center for Jewish Studies Carolina; Appalachian State University, Center for Judaic, Holocaust, and Peace Studies


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November 12, 2021
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm