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Eliza Rose
Assistant Professor & Laszlo Birinyi Sr. Fellow of Central European Studies

Intellectual Biography

I research the visual cultures and literature of Poland and East Central Europe with a focus on science fiction. My work considers how changing paradigms in technology, science and industry altered how people lived together, worked together, and visualized their futures together. My current book project is a cultural history of art festivals and amateur film clubs in the industrial workplace in late-socialist Poland. I am an author of science fiction, and my stories can be found in venues such as Interzone and The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction.

Articles and Book Chapters

“Single-minute communities: assembling collective agency with Paweł Kwiek.” Studies in Eastern European Cinema, doi: 10.1080/2040350X.2021.1943851.

“Civic Voyeurism. Józef Robakowski’s Aerial Views of the Commons.” View. Theories and Practices of Visual Culture, no. 26, 2020.

“Fallow Fields: Crises of Masculinity and Ecology in Piotr Andrejew’s Tender Spots” in Cinema and the Environment in Eastern Europe, ed. Lukas Brasiskis and Masha Shpolberg (volume under review)

“Krystyna Gryczełowska Maps a Moving Poland,” forthcoming in Anti-Atlas: Towards a Critical Area Studies, ed. Wendy Bracewell, Tim Beasley-Murray, Michał Murawski (UCL Press, forthcoming)

Book Reviews

“Ewa Mazierska’s Poland Daily,” Frames Cinema Journal, Spring 2020

Recent Translations

Piotr Słodkowski, Jewish-Polish Modernism: Henryk Streng/Marek Włodarski and the Non-Western History of Art (under review)

Miejsce, no. 6: 2020, ed. Luiza Nader and Piotr Słodkowski

Joanna Sokołowska, “Site of Therapy” in Eastern Sugar, ed. Maja & Reuben Fowkes, Sternberg Press, 2021.

Diana Lelonek: The Center for Living Things, Arsenal Gallery in Poznań, 2020

Frequently Taught Courses

  • GSLL 481: Grand Hotels and Empty Fields: Inventing Central Europe through Culture
  • GSLL 83: We, Robots: Identifying with our Automated Others in Fiction and Film
  • GSLL 287: Into the Streets: 1968 and Dissent in Central Europe
  • PLSH 401: Elementary Polish I
  • PLSH 402: Elementary Polish II
  • PLSH 403: Intermediate Polish I
  • PLSH 404: Intermediate Polish II

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