Learn German, be an ambassador, acquire professional skills before graduation.

Carolina’s German program places importance not only on the study of the German language and Germany’s cultures in Chapel Hill. German majors and minors can also dedicate a portion of their study in Germany in order to develop their German language skills in a professional setting and concurrently fulfill their Experiential Education General Education requirement.

Experiential Education Connection in Germany: GERM 493

GERM 493 allows students to earn a maximum of three credit hours for a faculty-supervised internship directly related to the study of German literature or culture, or that uses the German language in the day-to-day conduct of business in a German-speaking environment. Enrollment in GERM 493 usually occurs in the fall semester following the successful completion of a summer internship involving no less than 100 hours. Successful completion of GERM 493 fulfills the “Experiential Education” connection in the general education requirements and can count towards the German and Central European majors.

Students interested in enrolling in GERM 493 must secure a faculty supervisor no later than end of the preceding spring semester and complete and submit an internship contract no later than the last of classes in the semester preceding the internship. For a detailed outline of the policies, requirements, and timetable for GERM 493, see the internship’s general guidelines.

Securing an Internship: The German-American Exchange

Some students with specific needs, lots of drive, and good trans-Atlantic connections have managed to secure an internship with a business in Germany entirely on their own. Others have relied on GSLL’s relationship with the Atlanta-based, non-profit organization now called German-American Exchange (GAE). The GAE strives to match students with companies operating in Germany, assists successful applicants with securing work visas, and offers them excursions to Munich and Berlin. In order to apply with the GAE, you must have successfully completed:

  • GERM 204 and possess a strong intermediate command of German (meaning be currently enrolled in GERM 301 or higher), and
  • four semesters of university coursework within one single field (like German) or another major or minor.

You must also currently be:

  • enrolled in a degree-seeking program at Carolina with a projected graduation date after the completion of your intended internship, and
  • be willing to commit to a full three-month internship in Germany.

A complete GAE application is comprised of two parts, the second of which should be completed sooner rather than later:

Part I
(To be submitted to Ms. Violetta Noor of the GAE by email no later than Dec. 15, 2017.)

  1. a cover letter (who are you? what do you seek? can you work both independently and in a team? are you an excellent communicator? can you operate professionally in a business setting?);
  2. the GAE application form (posted on the GAE website);
  3. a one-page statement of purpose (why do you seek an internship? what strengths and abilities can you offer? how ideally would you like an internship to impact you and your education?);
  4. a professional resume;
  5. a statement of language proficiency (page three of the GAE application form posted online, to be completed by a GSLL faculty member);
  6. two letters of recommendation;
  7. unofficial transcripts (from UNC-Chapel Hill and any other university or college you may have previously attended);
  8. a scanned copy of Form I-20/F-1 visa (for international students only); and
  9. a scanned, color copy of the first two pages of your passport (must be valid at least 6 months after your intended internship ends).

Part II
(After completing step 1 by email, send everything in step 2 by US Mail to: German American Exchange Inc., US Internship Office, c/o Monika Harjo, Baker Donelson, 3414 Peachtree Road, N.E., Suite 1600, Monarch Plaza, Atlanta, Georgia 30326.)

  1. “Certificate of Enrollment” (posted on the GAE website, filled out according to this model, signed by UNC-Chapel Hill’s Registrar, and sent to Ms. Violetta Noor of the GAE via email for initial approval). Once you receive approval from her, then send your
  2. application fee (a personal check or money order of $50 made out to “German-American Exchange, Inc.”) along with the approved “Certificate of Enrollment” to the German-American Exchange (see address above).

Applying to GAE does not guarantee an internship. If a company does select your application, you will be required to pay an additional $100 processing fee. All applicants are highly encouraged to read the detailed information contained in the GAE’s “Student Information Package.” For more information about the required application documents, visit the German-American Exchange website.

In order to be considered for an internship in the summer of 2018, the GAE must receive both parts of your application by December 15, 2017. In order to submit an application to the GAE, please be sure to contact Dr. Richard Langston in the Department of Germanic and Slavic Languages and Literatures via email well before the deadline.

For more information about GERM 493 and internship opportunities through the German-American Exchange, please contact Dr. Richard Langston.