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Description of the process necessary for Independent Study in the German and Slavic Langauges and Literatures Department.

Undergraduates interesting in doing independent study work in the Department of Germanic and Slavic Languages and Literatures should consult with the DUS well before the semester in which they are considering independent study work. An undergraduate student interested in doing independent study work should begin by deciding on a general topic of interest, and then consider what particular aspect of that topic he or she wishes to research. In consultation with the DUS, the student should then approach a professor who has research interests related to that topic, present a general proposal, and ask whether he or she is available and willing to supervise their independent study project.

If the professor agrees to work with the student, the student should sign up for section 001 of GERM/SLAV 396.  (All other sections have restricted enrollment.)
The professor and the student must fill out a learning contract. As part of that process, they will work together to decide upon a specific plan of reading assignments, meeting times, and grading arrangements.  (A student working on 3-credit-hour independent study project should expect to spend around 9 hours per week on it; regular meetings with the professor will be arranged as part of that time).  The course product for an independent study is usually an extensive term paper.

Once the learning contract is completed, it must be approved by the GSLL Director of Undergraduate Studies.

Once that approval has been received, your registration will be changed, so that you will be registered for the proper section of GERM/SLAV 396.