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GSLL congratulates CDG alum Claire Scott (’17) on the publication of their throughly revised dissertation. Murderous Mothers: Late Twentieth-Century Medea Figures and Feminism has been published by P. Lang in 2022. Dr. Scott’s monograph explores German-language Medea adaptations from the late twentieth century and their relationship to feminist theory and politics. Close readings of novels and plays by Ursula Haas, Christa Wolf, Dagmar Nick, Dea Loher, and Elfriede Jelinek reveal the promise and the pitfalls of using gendered depictions of violence to process inequity and oppression. Dr. Scott’s book was the Joint Winner of the 2020 Peter Lang Young Scholars Competition for German Studies in America. Dr. Scott is currently Senior Lecturer in German Language in the Department of German, Russian, and East European Studies at Vanderbilt University.

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