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Phi Beta Kappa held its spring induction ceremony on April 11, 2022.  There are several GSLL majors and minors among the inductees: Bill Cozens (German minor), Lilla Gabrielle Duffy (Russian culture minor), Jack Steven Kramer (Germanic & Slavic languages & literatures major, German media, arts, and culture concentration),  Kathryn Isobel Obenshain (Germanic & Slavic languages & literatures major, German literature and culture concentration), Anne Burgess Page (German minor).  Among the students honored at the fall induction ceremony on October 27, 2021 are: Max Thomas Hazerjian (Russian Culture Minor), Zijian Li, (German minor), Jack Thomas More (Russian culture minor), Mary Brennan Page G(ermanic & Slavic languages & literatures major, Russian language and culture concentration), Hannah Ilana Rubenstein (Russian culture minor).


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