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This virtual symposium featured papers by Professor Gabriel Trop (“Giordano Bruno Latour: Bonding as Paradigm of Power”), Teaching Professor Christina Weiler (“Uncanny Women, Exploitation, and Animal Ethics in Ludwig Tieck’s Fairy Tale ‘Fairhaired Eckbert’”), Professor

Eliza Rose, (“Ultrasounds of Nothing: Antinationalist Moods in Polish Science Fiction, 1981 and Today”), and Professor Priscilla Layne (“A Transdisciplinary Approach to Teaching Scifi,” with Professors Michele Berger [UNC-Chapel Hill, Department of Women’s and Gender Studies] and Courtney Woods [UNC-Chapel Hill, Department of Environmental Sciences and Engineering). Carolina-Duke doctoral students Lukas Hoffman, Natasza Gawlick, and Edana Kleinhans participated as moderators.

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