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On December 1 and 8 2020, Professor Paul Roberge will host a sold-out class on Njal’s Saga, the greatest of the Icelandic sagas and masterpiece of medieval literature. On October 7, 2020 Professor Eliza Rose led the group in a reading of the novel Being There by the controversial Polish-American author Jerzy Kosinski.

Professor Priscilla Layne was a participant in a roundtable discussion on the topic “Postcolonialism, Antisemitism, and the Holocaust: The Achille Mbembe Case in Germany,” along with Professor A. Dirk Moses (UNC-Chapel Hill, Department of History) and Dr. Joseph Ben Prestel (Free University of Berlin, Friedrich-Meinecke-Institut). The roundtable, which was conducted by videoconference on November 20, 2020, was sponsored by the North Carolina German Studies Seminar and Workshop series.

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