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Professor Gabriel Trop (UNC-Chapel Hill) and Professor Chunjie Zhang (UC-Davis) have edited a volume of Germanic Review entitled: “Aesthetics and Politics in the Wake of Enlightenment: Jonathan Hess in Memoriam,” which was published online on October 28, 2020. Most of the contributions to this volume are based on talks presented at the Moments of Enlightenment Symposium held at the UNC-Chapel Hill on April 13–15, 2019. While the majority of the conference was dedicated to the field of German Jewish Studies, some contributions took up threads of Professsor Hess’s earlier work in eighteenth-century intellectual history and the literary cultures of the German eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. The seeds of this special edition were planted in these contributions, as friends, colleagues, and former graduate students sought to re-engage with the legacy of Professor Hess’s reflections on Enlightenment culture and aesthetic autonomy. In addition to articles by Professors Trop and Zhang, the special issue includes contributions by Carolina-Duke joint PhD program alumni Dr. Jeffrey Hertel (Hillsdale College) and Dr. Erik Grell (St. Olaf College).

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