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On Tuesday, November 15, GSLL hosted an event called a World of Opportunities. It was an opportunity for students to learn about Russian culture and study abroad options. The event was organized by a senior Russian Literature and Culture major, Leona Amosah. Below is her description of the event.

My name is Leona Amosah and as a 2016 alumna of the Critical Language Scholarship, I had the opportunity to apply for the 2016 Alumni Development Grant Fund. The ADF offers grants of up to $500 for CLS alumni interested in funding projects, events, and activities that provide resources for or promote the study of critical languages. I decided to host an event to encourage more students, particularly students from underrepresented backgrounds, to study Russian. For this event, fellow Russian student Christian Wick and I prepared a home-cooked Russian meal and gave presentations on our experiences with studying Russian both in the US and in Russia. We discussed ways in which students could become more engaged with Russian both on campus and abroad. We also invited several current students and graduates of the Russian Department to speak about what motivated them to study Russian, talk about the ways in which they have engaged with Russian, and discuss how they hope to continue to do so. Around 35 people attended the event which lasted approximately one and a half hours. With the help of the dedicated faculty and staff of the Department of Germanic and Slavic Languages and Literatures, this event turned out to be a great success! Thank you to everyone who participated!

*This post is entirely my own and is not endorsed by or affiliated with the Critical Language Scholarship Program, the Department of State, or American Councils.

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