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University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 
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    Marilyn Metzler (MA '81) Receives AATG Outstanding German Educator Award

    Roses to Marilyn Metzler, who recently retired from Chapel Hill High School and went out with a bang; she was named the nation’s top high school German teacher by the American Association of Teachers of German.

    The association presented Metzler with its Outstanding German Educator Award in a ceremony in Philadelphia on Nov. 17.

    She was one of just two recipients of the award, and the only one at the high school level; the other was Carol Anne Costabile-Heming, professor of German at the University of Texas at Denton.

    One of many letters of support sent to the association came from a former student who is now at Stanford University and recently received an award there for scholastic achievement.

    “Frau Metzler is not just the best language teacher I have ever had,” the former student wrote. “She is the best teacher that I have ever had.”

    High praise! Glückwünsche, Frau Metzler.

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