German for the profession

Carolina’s German program places importance not only on the study of German culture. Majors and minors can also dedicate a portion of their study to developing their German language skills necessary for professional settings.

Experiential Education Connection in Germany: GERM 493

GERM 493 allows students to earn a maximum of three credit hours for a faculty-supervised internship directly related to the study of German literature or culture, or that uses the German language in the day-to-day conduct of business in a German-speaking environment. Enrollment in GERM 493 usually occurs in the fall semester following the successful completion of a summer internship involving no less than 100 hours. Successful completion of GERM 493 fulfills the “Experiential Education” connection in the general education requirements. Students interested in enrolling in GERM 493 must secure a faculty supervisor no later than end of the preceding spring semester and complete and submit an internship contract no later than the last of classes in the semester preceding the internship. For a detailed outline of the policies, requirements, and timetable for GERM 493, see the internship’s general guidelines.

For more information, contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies.